Death, one of the many constants of this world. We all will die at some point. However, it is different to face actual death than encountering a dying person in front of you. The eerie sound of silence and the defining cry of mourning wraps your whole being. As if life was some fragile entity that we forgot it has its own expiration date. We mourn at something that is an obvious fact: death is inevitable. 

 The limitless of time and our limited existence deviates from such a huge magnitude that we ought to waste or treasure our notion of eternity or availability in the present. We are so distracted with all kinds of noise of the world, that we forgot how to really live and see ourself alive and healthy. We do not want ourselves to be oblivious to our final destination, but let be a reminder that such future encounter will not make us regret the life we walked through. So live free!( with a clean conscience of course).

I Envy Little Children

As I observe many children, I find it odd that I get jealous by such insipid instances that they take it as something out of the ordinary. Their curiosity  has undone me in a way that I want to go back where nothing matters but to satify my inquiry and my tummy. Perhaps most children are so natural in plastering a smile is because everything seems new to them, as if singing and dancing is some new discovery that excites their little being. 

Their truthfulness is something to be admired. They speak their hearts out, carelessly having no choice of words; far from the adult way of communicating where we invoke certain “values” to promote “professionalism” that is simply hidden in an elaborate euphemisms. We adults are higly secretive. We think highly of our needs–not that it is a bad thing–that in time we become selfish. 

I envy this little children playing outside the streets oblivious to the suffering and joy of life. Their symphonic laughter reminds me of the days blithe about the toilsomeness at the table of humanity. It is innate in their nature that when something bad happens, they know they have the refuge of home to run into.

I wanted to always refelct on this. We all been through this point: carefree, curious, playful and hungry. This is what makes us, it simply take us back to our impetuous way of life. It is because we are all a little child deep inside.